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Women respond to training programs depending the stage of the menstrual cycle. Some tips to help you exercise

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By Team Lounge
Published Feb 21, 2023

Mint Lounge

Women should build a training program that supports and maximizes what's happening in their bodies

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The first three days are the most uncomfortable and so the right nutrition is especially important

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Foods rich in iron, such as lean beef, turkey, beans and spinach should be consumed during this period

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From days 4-16, energy levels peak and you can exercise longer

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During ovulation, days 14-16, stamina, energy, muscle recovery, and strength are at a high, and you can reach new heights in the gym

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Energy levels are lower from day 16-28, so it's best to switch to a slower-paced program

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Nutritious food is essential throughout as it increases energy and helps manage moods

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