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With extensive wine lists and dedicated cellars, these restaurants that live up to our grape expectations

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By Team Lounge
Published May 28, 2023

Mint Lounge

Lupa, Bengaluru Each of the 51 wines on offer has a set of savoury and sweet dishes that pair best with them

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Trèsind, Mumbai The list of 70 wines is in perfect sync with the plated, multi-course dinner experience

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Enoteca Wine Bar, Noida The 40 international and Indian wines, displayed in floor-to-ceiling glass cabinets, pair well with pasta dishes and mains

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KMC*, Mumbai The 30-plus wines at this multi-cuisine resto-bar include premium age-worthy wines and affordable young house wines

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The Wine Company, Gurugram One of the most extensive wine lists in Delhi-NCR with over 40 varieties of red, white, rose and sparkling wines 

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Kala Ghoda Café Wine Bar, Mumbai This 30-seater bar has a list with everything from Indian wines to to sauvignon blancs from Bordeaux

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Nara Thai, Mumbai Balancing a tough act of coupling wines with spicy Thai cuisine, it offers 85 wines

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