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As inflation stays high, investors keen to diversify assets and safeguard their cash are putting money into whisky

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By Team Lounge
Published Jun 07, 2023

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The market for rare bottles of whisky has taken off in the past decade, with annual price increases of 20% on average

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Last year, one 1975 cask of single malt whisky from Scotland’s Ardbeg Distillery was sold for £16 million ( 164 crore) to a collector from Asia

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Investing in whisky needs specialised knwoledge and is best done after one has built a balanced, diversified portfolio

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 Investment in rare whisky has been more profitable over the past decade compared with high-end cars, fine wines and luxury watches  

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Investors can either buy by the bottle or by the cask, but, as with all assets, the key is to pick the right one

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As with any investment, it is rarity that gives it high value. The main attraction of aged whisky as an investment is that supply is limited

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For some, whisky has performed and has turned out to be 'liquid gold' though the risks can be high

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