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Perimenopause, which precedes menopause, is mild but can have an impact on your body

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By Team Lounge
Published Mar 10, 2023

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Most women hit menopause at 50; perimenopause starts 4 to 15 years before that

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The Mayo Clinic calls it the "menopausal transition" period, and you never know when it will begin

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Women need to identify the changes they experience around their menstrual cycle, which could be indicators of perimenopause

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These could include stubborn weight gain, inability to sleep, changes or delays in periods, night sweats or mood swings

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Resistance training helps slow down the inevitable loss of muscle during perimenopause

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Choose foods high in protein and Omega 3s and whole foods over processed ones 

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Minimize trigger foods for inflammation like gluten, dairy, caffeine and alcohol

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