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The Capitol building, where the US government has formulated law since 1800, is an impressive edifice

Photo Credit: All photos courtesy Sonia Nazareth

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By Team Lounge
Published Jan 03, 2024

Mint Lounge

Enter the Capitol building and walk around the Old Supreme Court Chamber

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The Library of Congress in Thomas Jefferson building is the world’s largest library with 32 million books

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Don't miss the compelling 1865 fresco 'The Apotheosis of George Washington' in the Capitol building

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The Washington Monument towers over the entire city

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Be sure to visit the open-to-all White House Visitors’ Centre and hear Presidential anecdotes

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Outside the Hirschhornin museum, in the sculpture garden is the whimsical Yayoi Kusama’s well-loved pumpkin

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The city is laid out along gridded streets, peppered with elegant squares and ornamental circles

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