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The 32-km Road to Heaven cuts through the Rann of Kutch lake, offering unmatched views of the lake and the endless salt beds

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By Team Lounge
Published Mar 04, 2024

Mint Lounge

Cows and buffaloes wander against waves of dry sand in search of water. It’s dazzling—both for the stark scenery and the sun that sizzles and sparkles on the salt

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Photo Credit: Vayu Naidu

Take a camel ride through the dunes

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Photo Credit: Vayu Naidu

The sunset is a sight to behold; the sensation is of variation in bareness

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Photo Credit: Vayu Naidu

Dholavira is a trip back to 2500BCE, and tracing layers of the past

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Within the walled city are the remains of a fortified castle with a ceremonial ground, revealing a township that had robust trade and industry

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Of the tiered housing system, what remains are the chieftain’s bathing chamber, stairwells and water outflow systems

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These are ruins but there is no ghostly chill of devastation. This was a thriving city with four generations

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Photo Credit: Vayu Naidu

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