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Denmark’s 8,700km-long coastline offers numerous opportunities for winter swimming

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By Team Lounge
Published Jan 31, 2024

Mint Lounge

Copenhagen’s frosty beaches and harbour baths are ideal for a polar plunge  

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The Danes have been swimming in ice since the 19th century, when the first winter bathing establishment was opened in Copenhagen

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As the days darken, it’s common to see locals head to frosty beaches and secluded harbour baths to get rid of winter blues by jumping into chilly waters

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Winter runs from December to March. February is the coldest month—and the warmest is August, when temperatures touch 15 degrees C

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Copenhagen has beautiful harbour baths, public swimming pools along the waterfront that are ideal for relaxing

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Research shows that 'deliberate cold protocols' can improve glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity

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 Jumping into icy water has an unexpected side-effect: it can have you feeling warm and happy

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