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Children have to learn how to soothe themselves and know it’s okay to feel emotions

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By Team Lounge
Published Aug 25, 2023

Mint Lounge

The awareness about children needing attention, mental health help, and resources needs to increase

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A mental health curriculum needs to start for children as young as 3-4 years using play, toys, art, sports, and conversations

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 Chaildren, particularly teenagers, need therapy because they are conflicted and dealing with difficult emotions

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Therapy and awareness sessions are a way to talk about pillars of well-being and protective factors that allow for good mental health

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Children are often worried by what they see at home or among their parents and want to talk about it

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Half-baked answers from the internet are dangerous, and we don’t want young minds to depend on those

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How children see the world depends on their comfort with handling their emotions

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