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Tea gardens, such as Hattialli Tea Estate in Assam, are showcaseing the variety of tea in India by setting up homestays and unique experiences

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By Team Lounge
Published Jun 04, 2023

Mint Lounge

Many estates hold sensory tea tasting and blending sessions

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At Glenburn Estate in Darjeeling, visitors can enjoy a private view of Mount Kanchenjunga

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Assam has 21 golf courses, most of them inside or near tea estates. Sidheswar Kumar Mishra offers tea itineraries that include golf

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Unique experiences include sampling local teas and watching demonstrations of making Tangsa bamboo tea 

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Tea planters say they urgently need tourism to improve the appreciation for tea

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Kangra in Himachal Pradesh is opening up to tea tourism, showcasing its indigenous culture and food

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It’s the world’s second-largest producer of tea, with each region offering a unique tea and an equally unique narrative

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