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In the perfectly ordered landscape of Napa Valley, the quirky Tank Garage winery is shaking up the status quo

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By Team Lounge
Published Nov 08, 2023

Mint Lounge

Tank Garage is Napa Valley’s coolest winery and tasting room, repurposed from a 1930s-era garage

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Tank Garage is about limited-production blends sourced from a handful of California vineyards

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Tank Garage wines are priced below Napa’s often stratospheric levels (around 3,000-6,500) a bottle to make wines affordable and approachable

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Started in 2014, Tank Garage is Canadian-born founder-owner James Harden’s “garage project” and the winemaker is Bertus van Zyl

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The Tank Garage team creates something brand new each harvest

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In a premium wine region, it’s the ultimate disruptor as it is both playful and flexible in its approach to quality wine making

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With bright green gas tanks outside, visitors often mistake it for a petrol station, but be sure to make a stop

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