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To truly savour and appreciate whiskey, take a trip to the magical Speyside region in Scotland

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By Team Lounge
Published Apr 02, 2023

Mint Lounge

Speyside is one of the six—apart from Highlands, Lowlands, Campbeltown, Islay and Islands—whisky-producing regions of Scotland

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It’s home to more than 50 whisky distilleries, thanks to the Spey, one of Scotland's longest, fastest-flowing rivers

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Speyside whiskies are renowned for hints of vanilla, oak, dried fruits, with either very little or no peat at all

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The Macallan Distillery, established in 1824, is one of the oldest and is located in Craigellachie, Moray

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There are 64 warehouses on the 485-acre Macallan Estate with 400,000 whiskey casks. For whiskey-lovers, it's Disneyland

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The distillery building also houses the Macallan Bar, where you can sample all their whiskies during the tour

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The distillery has 36 copper stills that allow it to produce approximately 12 million litres of spirit per year

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Benromach, Glen Grant, Glen Moray, Glenfiddich, Glenlivet and Strathlisa are also part of the Speyside Malt Whisky Trail

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