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The new Mercedes-Benz EQE 500 4 Matic is a green SUV that offers luxury, performance

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By Team Lounge
Published Oct 16, 2023

Mint Lounge

German carmaker Mercedes-Benz’s new offering, the EQE 500 4 Matic, is a fully loaded SUV that’s swift and fun to drive

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It is, however, an import, which means it comes with a higher price tag at 1.39 crore

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It has curves and smooth surfaces to ensure that it cuts smoothly through the air without affecting the range

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Around the rear is a distinctive set of LED lamps with a helix design

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The steering feels meaty, and the SUV always feels sure-footed

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The surfaces are clean, and the smart 20” alloys are aerodynamic around the side as well

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This is a feature-rich, tech-laden SUV with solid performance and a feel of supreme luxury

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