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SUCCESSION (JIOCINEMA) Jesse Armstrong’s morality tale featured the best writing and ensemble cast, and no good guys

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By Team Lounge
Published Dec 29, 2023

Mint Lounge

THE BEAR (DISNEY+ HOTSTAR) Set in a beef-sandwich store in Chicago, the show focuses unsparingly on both food and grief

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WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS (DISNEY+ HOTSTAR) Consistently the funniest show on TV, Jemaine Clement’s series has gotten more ambitious with each season

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SCOTT PILGRIM TAKES OFF (NETFLIX) Made by Bryan Lee O’Malley in the style of the original, this is the year's finest romance

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 BEEF (NETFLIX) A remarkable show about the disproportionate nature of anger

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WES ANDERSON’S ROALD DAHL QUARTET (NETFLIX) These four films are cinematic pop-up books, more diorama than drama

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TASKMASTER, SERIES 16 (YOUTUBE) A outlandishly tall comedian arbitrarily judges five others on specific and odd tasks

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I’M A VIRGO (PRIME VIDEO) A 19-year-old who has been shut away from the world by protective parents, steps out for the first time

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 JURY DUTY (PRIME VIDEO) A real person is surrounded by a fake trial and fake jurors, which sets the scene for a series of comic mishaps

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CUNK ON EARTH (NETFLIX) An oblivious TV anchor—played by Diane Morgan—makes stupid declarations with defiant entitlement

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