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Dog socialisation is one of the most misunderstood concepts in pet parenting

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By Team Lounge
Published Oct 01, 2023

Mint Lounge

Just taking a dog to a dog park is not enough as being surrounded by so many strangers could cause fear and aggression

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Introduce them to new sights, sounds and smells gradually while you build a strong bond with them

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Many small dogs are not socialised at all as their parents treat them like toys

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It’s important for your dog to trust you to be comfortable around you wherever you are, and that takes time

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Take your dog outside the house at least twice a day so that they get used to different noises and spaces

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If your pup is too small and can’t be taken outside the building, take him for a walk in the lobby, and get him to climb two to three steps at a time

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Train him with treats, encourage his every little success with a gentle pet and/or by saying ‘good boy'

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