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Pet owners frequently fail to give their pets enough exercise when it rains as pets tend to prefer dry spaces

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By Team Lounge
Published Aug 13, 2023

Mint Lounge

Muddy paws and wet coats that can lead to skin infections can deter many pet parents going outdoors

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Regardless of the weather, regular exercise is essential for the physical and mental health of the pet

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Your pet can benefit from indoor activities and games such as hide and seek when it rains

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Getting interactive toys that dispense treats is another way to keep your pet cognitively occupied

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Create a mini-obstacle course using cushions, cardboard boxes to make sure they get physical activity

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For cats, make a fishing game by using a stick with a string and a toy fastened to the end. This will satiate their natural urge to stalk and chase

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Plan indoor playdates with your friends or relatives who have pets

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