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Performing squats are a great way to boost your hip strength and mobility

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By Team Lounge
Published Jul 31, 2023

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But if you want to strengthen your entire lower body, do the deep squat

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Squat depth differs from person to person, and the ability to squat lower or deeper will come with time and extended range of motion

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Regular squats are a must-have in your exercise armoury. Start at a standing position

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Do the basic, regular squat until you are comfortable and stable and then attempt the deep squat

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The difference between a regular and deep squat is that one stops when the thighs are parallel to the ground and the other continues until the hips travel well below the knees

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Go deeper, moving your hips lower until they reach your ankles; a deep squat works on trunk stability, lower back, pelvis, and front of the calves

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You can use a chair for support as a beginner or add weights once you perfect it

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