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Art experts from India and Portugal are working on the Old Goa Revelations Project to analyse colonial era portraits 

Photo Credit: Courtesy ASI/Ian de Noronha

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By Team Lounge
Published Jun 28, 2023

Mint Lounge

The portraits are in Goa's Archaeological Museum and Portrait Gallery in the Convent of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The gallery is home to 121 paintings from the colonial period, all of them portraits of the governors of Goa

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Photo Credit: Courtesy ASI

The teams from ASI and from Portugal have been working on the portraits in Goa since 2019

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Photo Credit: Courtesy ASI

They are using non-invasive technology, including digital microscopy, radiography and spectrometry mapping   

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Photo Credit: Courtesy ASI/David Reis

They also mapped the chemical elements of the paintings and found that many paintings were done by Goan artists

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Photo Credit: Courtesy ASI/Sara Valadas

An infrared reflectography camera was used to analyse the paintings, and older paintings were found beneath the surface of some

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Photo Credit: Courtesy ASI/Teresa Reis

More such secrets are likely to be revealed as the project continues

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Photo Credit: Courtesy ASI

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