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Nowruz is a festival that marks the arrival of spring and is celebrated by several communities in India 

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By Team Lounge
Published Mar 21, 2023

Mint Lounge

Nowruz is the start of the Iranian or Persian New Year, and combines the Persian words for 'new day'

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Several communities in India celebrate Nowruz with foods that signify love, beauty and rebirth

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In Mumbai and Pune, the Irani community cooks up up a storm of special, festive dishes

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Among the specialities are zereshk polo (rice with barberries), chelo kebab koobideh (minced meat kebabs) & sholeh zard (rice pudding)

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The classic Parsi milk and sugar dessert, ravo, honours the sweet story of Parsis' assimilation in India 

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Nowruz is celebrated with equal joy by Afghans in Delhi and Lucknow, and the Shia Muslim community

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It is a day to celebrate the start of spring and meet family and friends

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