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Imbued with symbolism, the delicious tradition of a New Year’s cake is one that spans different cultures

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By Team Lounge
Published Dec 31, 2023

Mint Lounge

Several cultures bake a New Year’s cake with a coin or a figurine within it to bring good luck to its finder

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The French mark New Year with gateau des rois, a pie-like cake that has a figurine of the Baby Jesus, called fève, baked into it

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In Greece, vasilopita is a New Year’s day cake made of a variety of dough, with a silver coin hidden in it for good luck

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In Mexico, Rosca de Reyes or Three Kings Cake is a sweet bread with a hint of orange flavour, baked with 3 figures of Baby Jesus for good luck, and eaten on January 6

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Denmark and Norway have kransekage, a cake tower topped with marzipan frosting and with a bottle of wine at its centre

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Lorie Shaull

New Year cake in Scotland takes the name Hogmanay, a sweet-and-spicy treat with raisins, almond, cinnamon, citrus peel and candied ginger

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Doughnuts are a must-have on New Year’s eve in the Netherlands. Called oliebollen, they are sold by street carts and are paired with brandy-laced hot chocolate

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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