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A boisterous period drama series, a look at the Bhopal gas tragedy, and other titles to watch this weekend 

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By Team Lounge
Published Nov 18, 2023

Mint Lounge

ROBBIE WILLIAMS (Netflix) In a four-part docu-series, the singer-songwriter looks at behind-the-scenes footage from his career

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OLIVIA (MUBI) This landmark lesbian film, made in France in 1951, was directed by Jacqueline Audry

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THE RAILWAY MEN (Netflix) This four-episode series by Shiv Rawail follows the hours immediately after the Bhopal gas tragedy

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THE BUCCANEERS (Apple TV+) It’s the 1870s, and four nouveau riche young American women are off to London to find eligible suitors

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YOU HURT MY FEELINGS (BookMyShow Stream) Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as a novelist whose marriage is on the rocks after her husband criticises her book

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BLUE EYE SAMURAI (Netflix) Set in Edo-era Japan, this anime follows a young warrior who decides to revenge herself against those who made her an outcast

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THE CROWN (Netflix) The first four parts of the acclaimed show's final season is out this week 

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