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From historical fiction to current affairs, books to keep you busy this week

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By Team Lounge
Published Dec 12, 2023

Mint Lounge

Breaking the Mould, by Raghuram Rajan & Rohit Lamba A book about accelerating economic development by investing in human capital

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Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, by Kalpish Ratna A novel of historical fiction about a forgotten king

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HPop: The Secretive World Of Hindutva Pop Stars by Kunal Purohit A deep dive into how social media influencers sway public opinion

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Sheikh Abdullah: The Caged Lion of Kashmir by Chitralekha Zutshi A biography of a leader who influenced a generation 

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Adapt To Thrive, Not Just Survive, by Harit Nagpal A collection of stories to illustrate business concepts such as innovation

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Welcome to Paradise by Twinkle Khanna Short, slice-of-life stories about ageing, mortality and living

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The Grammar of My Body, by Abhishek Anicca A first-person account of living with disability

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