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From the story of the liberation of Goa to a children's adventure story, new books to read this month

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By Team Lounge
Published Sep 03, 2023

Mint Lounge

Greatest Punjabi Stories Ever Told, Edited by Renuka Singh & Balbir Madhopuri 30 stories capturing the changing mores of Punjab over the last century

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Namma Bangalore, by Shoba Narayan A series of essays about life in the city and issues such as nature and heritage conservation and culture

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A Woman Burnt, by Imayam, translated by GJV Prasad A translation of the Tamil novel 'Selladha Panam', which tackles domestic violence and caste

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Goa, 1961 by Valmiki Faleiro An account of the rebellions and politicking behind the integration of Goa

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Tulsidas Balaram: The boy, the hero, the tormented footballer, by Sudipta Biswas

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Rental Person Who Does Nothing: A Memoir by Shoji Morimoto A reflection on social anxiety and people's expectations

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The Dog with Two Names by Nandita Da Cunha; heartwarming stories about coexistence and diversity

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