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Ireland prides itself on being the most haunted country, and many of these spooky spots are in Dublin

Photo Credit: All photos courtesy Failte Ireland/Tourism Ireland

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By Team Lounge
Published Oct 24, 2023

Mint Lounge

The city is blessed with Georgian architecture, museums and expansive public parks

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There are a number of ghost bus tours and rides that take you to the most haunted spots in Dublin

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Kilmainham goal, now a museum, is said to be haunted by the many heroes of the Irish struggle for independence who were held here

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Malahide Castle's famous ghostly residents include a jester, the Lady in White, and Lord Galtrim, who was killed on his wedding day in 1429

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The ghost of a dog who starved to death because he refused to leave the grave of his master is said to wander in Glasnevin Cemetery

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 Dublin provides the right setting for ghostly sightings, ghastly findings, and grisly discoveries

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A walking tour is one of the best ways to learn about the city’s ghostly history

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