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Pets are highly susceptible to ticks during the monsoon

Photo Credit: File photo/Unsplash

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By Team Lounge
Published Jul 23, 2023

Mint Lounge

Clean your dog as soon as they return from a walk. Use lukewarm water with a couple of drops of disinfectant

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Pay extra attention to paws. When a dog scratches, ticks stuck on the paw are carried to other parts of the body

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The right nutrition is essential to build a dog’s immunity. Ensure a healthy mix of protein, fat, and fibre

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Keep your pet's coat dry as a wet coat is a breeding ground for ticks and other fungal infections

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Try tick-repellent drops, collars, sprays and medicated shampoos available in pet stores

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Disinfect your home and all your dog’s belongings frequently, including car covers and seats

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Medicines, usually given every three months, help prevent tick infestation

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