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Milan Kundera, known for characters that floated between daily life and the world of ideas, died aged 94

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By Team Lounge
Published Jul 13, 2023

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From the 1990s, Kundera, who was born in the Czech Republic, wrote exclusively in French and saw himself as a French writer

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The Unbearable Lightness Of Being (1984) Undoubtedly his most famous work, translated in over a dozen languages

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The Joke (1967) Hi first novel and a love story inspired by his first expulsion from the Communist Party in the 1950s

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The Book Of Laughter And Forgetting (1979) A novel on the nature of joy, memory and forgetfulness in life

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Slowness (1995) A novel that explores the nature of being and free will 

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The Art Of The Novel (1986) Not strictly a book, but part of an excellent trilogy of book-length essays on the European novel

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The Festival of Insignificance (2013) A short novel about the ordinariness of life

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