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THE HOLDOVERS (In theatres) Years after Sideways, Paul Giamatti reunites with Alexander Payne for this tender comedy

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By Team Lounge
Published Feb 09, 2024

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BHAKSHAK (Netflix) Bhumi Pednekar stars as a journalist sets out to uncover evidence of systemic abuse at a women’s shelter

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THE IRON CLAW (In theatres) A biographical drama on the three Von Erich brothers, professional wrestlers in Texas in the 1980s

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MARX CAN WAIT (MUBI) Italian film director Marco Bellocchio  investigates the emotional effects of the suicide of his twin brother

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MR & MRS SMITH (Amazon Prime Video)  Created by Donald Glover and Francesca Sloane, this is a well-tailored comedy about espionage and marriage

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TRUE DETECTIVE: NIGHT COUNTRY (JioCinema) Season 4 of the critically acclaimed anthology crime show is as good as the first

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MONSTER (In theatres) An iconic film by Hirokazu Koreeda, one of the most highly regarded directors in the world

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CAPTAIN MILLER (Netflix) Dhanish stars in this colonial-era thriller

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