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Manila, Philippines: Protesters raise clenched fists while holding red roses

Photo Credit: AP

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By Team Lounge
Published Mar 08, 2023

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Mumbai, India: A yoga instructor conducts a session in the women's carriage of a local train

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Photo Credit: PTI

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: Women march holding banners and calling, "No to sexism, no to imperialism, no to capitalism!"

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Photo Credit: AP

Colombo, Sri Lanka: Women scuffle with police during a protest against the country's economic crisis

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Photo Credit: AFP

Kolkata, India: Women dancers and drummers perform 'dhak'

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Photo Credit: ANI

Lille, France: A sign reading "Badly paid, badly treated, badly pensioned" at Lille's university campus in support for women's rights

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Photo Credit: AFP

Moscow, Russia: A man sells flowers for International Women's Day, an official holiday in Russia

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Photo Credit: AP

Tokyo, Japan: People take part in a rally for gender rights

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Photo Credit: AFP

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