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After many delays and much controversy, Hong Kong's M+ Museum is open to international visitors

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Herzog & de Meuron

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By Team Lounge
Published Apr 03, 2023

Mint Lounge

The museum has 6,709 works spread across 33 galleries devoted to Asian contemporary art and design

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Photo Credit: Kevin Mak/Herzog & de Meuron

Detail from Kong Khong-chang (Kongkee)'s Flower in the Mirror, 2021, single-channel video installation 

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Photo Credit: ©Kongkee/M+

Detail from Zhang Xiaogang's Bloodline – Big Family No. 17, 1998, Oil on canvas

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Photo Credit: © Zhang Xiaogang/M+ Sigg Collection

HUMAN ONE is a hybrid digital and physical artwork by Mike Winkelmann (aka Beeple), from Ryan Zurrer’s personal collection

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Christie's Images Ltd/M+

Detail from There Were No Methods in Antiquity, 1968, ink and colour on paper, by Lui Shou-kwan

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Photo Credit: ©Helen C. Ting/M+

Detail from Fang Lijun's 1995.2, oil on canvas

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Photo Credit: © Fang Lijun/M+ Sigg Collection

Detail from Geng Jianyi's, The Second State, 1987, oil on canvas

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Photo Credit: © Geng Jianyi/M+ Sigg Collection

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