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Simple tips to protect your pet from accidents and injuries at home

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By Team Lounge
Published Jan 14, 2024

Mint Lounge

Identify and eliminate obvious hazards, including household items that could be chewed, swallowed or get stuck  

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Make sure trash cans have secure, tight-fitting lids to prevent pets from exploring the contents

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Securely store household items that are toxic to pets, such as cleaning supplies, medication and foods like chocolate, onions and grapes

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Remove plants that could be a threat to your pet; opt for safe alternatives or place plants out of reach of pets

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Use cord organisers to safeguard wires from chewing; to minimise risk of electric shocks, install outlet covers

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Block access to spaces, vents or other areas where your puppy or kitten might become stuck

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Install window screens, mesh nets or coverings for gaps on balconies to prevent accidental falls

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