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Astronomy and astrotourism are trending. Here are some tips to help you get started

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By Team Lounge
Published Jan 11, 2024

Mint Lounge

Get in touch with local astronomy clubs and join a star party to learn the basics

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Carry a basic telescope, a red flashlight for night vision or a headlamp, and bug spray/insect repellent

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In the absence of access to dark skies or to meet those in the know, visit the nearest planetarium; there are 48 of them across the country

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Use stargazing apps like Google Sky, NASA app, Star Tracker, Skysafari or Skyview to identify celestial objects until you get familiar with them

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Keep an eye on the weather, maybe download a weather app as cloudy skies can play spoilsport

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Best viewing is around new moon night, either immediately before or after as moonlight can affect viewing

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Winter months are generally better than summer, when the skies are sharp and crisp

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