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In summer, the fridge is stocked full of iced drinks. If you're looking to replace your refrigerator, here's what to keep in mind

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By Team Lounge
Published May 21, 2023

Mint Lounge

Size and capacity: Pick a fridge depending on how much you store. If you have regular parties, you'll need a large freezer. If you don't store a lot, a small fridge should do

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Design: Pick a colour that suits the decor in your home. If you store a lot, you consider a double-door over a single-door fridge

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Energy Efficiency This isn't just about saving the earth but also about cutting your electricity bill. Look for models with a 5-star rating for maximum energy efficiency

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Extra features: Fridges come smart connectivity, ice and curd makers. Consider a water dispenser as you get cold water without opening the door

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Warranty and price: Compare prices and features offered by different brands. Ensure the warranty runs for at least a year and covers major parts and manufacturing defects

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Buy or rent? It's usually better to a buy a fridge if you are planning to stay in a place for longer than a year

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The bottom line: Look for a brand that fits your budget and needs and offers good after-sales service

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