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Lucknow is best known for biryani, but sign up for a walk and find out more about its food traditions

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By Team Lounge
Published Dec 03, 2023

Mint Lounge

Don't miss Lucknow's famous malai paan and other delicacies

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Goa's tavernas hark back to a slower way of life and a walk is the best way to experience this lifestyle

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In Cancona, Goa, take a tribal heritage walk to learn about the food of local, indigenous communities

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If you're in Kolkata, the best way to see another side of the city is through it's mishti walks, focused on sweets

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Bengaluru's Pete by Night walks blends business history and culinary tradition as you learn how commerce shaped food habits

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In Mumbai, sign up for walks that explain the city's unique links to prohibition and the alcohol trade

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In Delhi, walk down the main Jama Masjid road, known for its kebabs

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