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Whether you want greater strength or better endurance, the ‘time under tension’ method can help

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By Team Lounge
Published Sep 01, 2023

Mint Lounge

Time can be your best gym partner if you learn how to use it right

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Time under tension (TUT) is the time your muscles are in a particular position, or under tension, while you are training

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Whether it is rest between exercises, how long you perform an isometric hold, or do a time trial while running, use a stopwatch for TUT

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Any exercise has 3 phases: concentric or contraction of the muscle, isometric or the hold at the most difficult part, and eccentric or return to the starting position

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There are multiple ways of using TUT, and you can choose where you want to introduce it in an exercise

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Add TUT to incline bench press, leg extensions, slow push-ups and overhead pulldowns

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TUT will teach you more about your body and help you challenge yourself 

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