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Stock up on ice, skip the usual gin and tonic and try these simple recipes at home

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By Team Lounge
Published Jun 11, 2023

Mint Lounge

Use a rosemary-infused syrup or add a few sprigs to a bottle of gin to get infused spirits and use these in gin cocktails

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Classic Negroni A classic negroni has equal parts (30ml) of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth

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Tanqueray Gin & Juice To 60 ml Tanqueray gin and ice, add 30ml orange juice, 30ml pineapple juice, 1 lime wedge 1 wedge of orange

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Spring Bramble from ROKU Muddle 25ml ROKU, 25ml jasmine tea, 6 cherries (halved and pitted), 1 lemon wheel, 2 tsp caster sugar

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Burnett's mint cooler Mix 60ml Burnett London Dry Gin, 10 ml lime juice, 10ml simple syrup, add 2-3 bar spoons of fresh mint leaves as garnish

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Mixed Berry Bramble is a mixed fruit gin cocktail

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Photo Credit: Courtesy Taki Taki

Taki & Tonic, a jasmine tea infused gin with Japanese yuzu and hints of basil

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Photo Credit: Courtesy Taki Taki

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