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Continuous loud sounds during the festival season can be deafening for dogs

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By Team Lounge
Published Nov 11, 2023

Mint Lounge

Studies show that 50% of dogs are terrified by sudden, loud sounds. Some tips to soothe them:

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Photo Credit: Ezequiel Almonacid/Pexels

STAY CALM   Dogs are sensitive to their parents' feelings. It’s essential that pet parents stay calm when their dog is anxious

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BLOCK OUT THE NOISE Close windows, doors and curtains to block noise and lights as much as possible. You can also use sound absorption sheets

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BRING IN SOUNDS YOUR PET KNOWS If your dog is used to the sound of a fan, air conditioner, television or music turn it on to cut the outside noise

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Photo Credit: Ivan Babydov/Pexels

CREATE A SAFE CORNER When dogs hide under a bed on hearing crackers, they are trying to cope with stress. Leave them be. You can also try putting them in a crate

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TRY AN ANTI-ANXIETY JACKET Designed to give humans a feeling of being hugged, anxiety jackets work for dogs as well. Buy online or make one at home

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Photo Credit: Ellie Burgin/Pexels

TRAIN YOUR DOG Introduce sounds of thunder, drums, crackers in dog training to get them used to it

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Photo Credit: Rosemary Ketchum/Pexels

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