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The general belief that coffee is addictive is just another myth

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By Team Lounge
Published Sep 20, 2023

Mint Lounge

Coffee has become an integral part of many people's routines. It fuels our mornings and ignites our productivity

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The idea of coffee addiction luring us into a web of dependency is a myth

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The reality is that coffee's caffeine content – the primary suspect in the addiction case – isn't as potent as some might think

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On an average, a 250ml cup of coffee contains 80-100mg of caffeine. That's a little more than a cup of black tea and much less than energy drinks

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Moderate coffee consumption is generally considered safe and unlikely to lead to addiction

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Moderate coffee consumption (3-4 cups per day) is associated with reduced risk of some health issues, including type 2 diabetes

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The average Indian consumes around 29 grams of coffee daily or 2 cups of brewed coffee, which is moderate

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