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Six English novels have been shortlisted for the £50,000 Booker Prize

Photo Credit: thebookerprizes.com

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By Team Lounge
Published Sep 22, 2023

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None of the six writers have been shortlisted for the Booker Prize before. The shortlist was announced in London on Thursday.

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In Paul Murray's The Bee Sting, financial problems and dark secrets threaten to shatter an entire family

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Chetna Maroo’s Western Lane is about grief and sisterhood as 3 women comes to terms with the death of their mother

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In Prophet Song, Paul Lynch writes of the struggles of a family after the father is imprisoned as Ireland slides into totalitarianism

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In This Other Eden, Paul Harding describes the crisis mixed-race families face when white settlers arrive

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Jamacian American Escoffery’s If I Survive You follows a Jamaican family making a new life in Miami

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In Bernstein’s Study for Obedience, a sister moves in with her ailing brother and becomes a caregiver

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