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Being an attentive and generous listener is a skill that anyone can learn

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By Team Lounge
Published Jan 22, 2024

Mint Lounge

Some people avoid discussions with family and friends because they try to solve the problem rather than listen

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Attention can take the form of listening, observing one’s partner lovingly, and even the silences

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Don't jump in to offer suggestions and recommendations to address the situation without checking if the other person wants this

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When you say you want a patient, non-judgmental hearing, it sets the tone for the conversation

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Tell people that you would like them to be attentively present and listen compassionately

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When we are heard, not judged, and experience a soothing supportive presence, we may find the courage to listen to our own inner voice

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Attentive presence by itself is a gift and it is enough in a lot of situations, so ask for it

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