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#1 Your morning starts the night before, says coach Ashdin Doctor If you spend the night binge watching or scrolling, mornings won't be good. Instead, journal, meditate or read

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By Team Lounge
Published Dec 10, 2023

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#2 Thoughts are habits too Habits aren't just physical activities. They include thought patterns that you fall into, like thinking of everything as a struggle

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#3 Create tiny habits that you can follow easily Instead of going big, it’s far more effective to create tiny habits that you can follow every day

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#4 Don’t judge your habits  Don't think of habits as good or bad. Instead, see if a habit is taking your life in the direction you want

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#5 You inherit habits While some habits are conscious, many are unconscious ones we inherit from our parents

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#6 Have habits you will not compromise on Keystone habits allow you to be in control of daily aspects of your life

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#7 Practice a habit of gratitude When you are in a state of gratitude, you can’t simultaneously be in a state of fear

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#8 Don't hurry to form a habit It takes time to form habits so take it slow and steady

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