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From a surreal graphic novel about addictions to a book of folktales and a gripping murder mystery, here are seven new titles to bookmark

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By Team Lounge
Published Dec 26, 2023

Mint Lounge

The Pig Flip, by Joshy Benedict, Translated by K.K. Muralidharan Originally published in Malayalam, a tale of gambling and addiction 

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The Girl in the Magical Flute, by Meena Arora Naik 19 folk tales get a twist in this book that draws from various oral and religious traditions

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The line is inspired by both aquatic as well as baroque elements, and the clothes are wispy and light while being grand 

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The Oxford Handbook of Caste, edited by Surinder S. Jodhka & Jules Naudet; More than 40 scholars write about different aspects of this fossilised practice

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The Gallery, by Manju Kapur A intergenerational novel about loss, pain, migration and gender

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Becoming Goan, by Michelle Mendonça Bambawale A memoir about returning to one's roots, understanding of culture, and coming to terms with change

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Adapt, by Harit Nagpal A marketing handbook with lessons and short stories

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