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As a new year approaches, people are already marking out long weekends and charting plans for vacations

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By Team Lounge
Published Dec 15, 2023

Mint Lounge

From dry dripping to affordable luxury, here are the trends that will influence travel choices in 2024

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IN SEARCH OF WATER With temperatures rising, people will seek holidays near water bodies as being close to water makes them feel less stressed

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AI TRAVEL In 2024, travellers will use AI to plan trips, create itineraries and find the best destinations

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DRY TRIPPING Dry tripping by booking trips for detox or planning trips to places where activities don’t include drinking will trend

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DUPE TRAVEL Dupe destinations or finding cheaper alternatives to popular but expensive locations will catch on

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AFFORDABLE LUXURY Travellers are likely to balance luxury travel with budgetary constraints, picking the off-season

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ECO TRAVEL Travellers will seek out mindful travel and sustainability

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