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WhatsApp’s new privacy feature lets you silence unknown callers

WhatsApp has rolled out new privacy features to give users more control over incoming calls and the overall messaging experience

WhatsApp's new privacy feature lets you block calls from unknown callers. (Pixabay)
WhatsApp's new privacy feature lets you block calls from unknown callers. (Pixabay)

WhatsApp is adding two new updates to increase privacy for users. The Meta-owned messaging app recently added Chat Lock to protect private chats with a password, disappearing Messages, which - when enabled - will delete messages within the set time limit, screenshot blocking for View Once photos, and a feature to help keep your online presence private. This week, it has introduced more layers of privacy: Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup. 

Now, users have more control over incoming calls with a feature designed to silence unknown callers. It helps automatically screen out spam, scams, and calls from unknown people for increased protection, according to a WhatsApp blog post. These calls will not show on your phone, but they will be visible on the call list.

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WhatsApp is also introducing Privacy Checkup, which will help ensure all users are aware of their privacy options. Through this step-by-step guide, users can learn about important privacy settings that can help them implement the protection level that feels right to them. This feature can be found in privacy settings. By selecting ‘start checkup’, users will be able to look through multiple privacy layers to improve the security of their calls, chats, and other personal information. “Securing your private communication is important because we know people need a safe place to communicate,” WhatsApp said in the post.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp also introduced Channels as a reliable and private way to receive important updates from people and organisations within WhatsApp. Channels, which might be rolled out in the coming months, will be available in a new tab called Updates, where users will also find Status. Channels is a one-way broadcast channel for admins to send text, photos, videos, and polls, according to WhatsApp’s blog post. Moreover, admins will be able to decide who can follow their channel and whether it should be discoverable in the directory.

It will have a searchable directory for users to find relevant channels catering to their interests, hobbies, and updates. “We’re aspiring to build the most private broadcast service available. This starts by protecting the personal information of both admins and followers,” WhatsApp said in the post announcing Channels.

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