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Thumb Rule | Stuck with an equation? Socratic is the studying tool for you

Designed for school and university students, Socratic is a learning app powered by Google’s artificial intelligence technology


Learning with the help of technology is a constantly evolving process. Today, there are apps to help you out if you are struggling with certain subjects. Socratic, powered by Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, is one such tool, designed for school and university students.

Solving a mathematics equation but can’t figure out the next step? Simply point your phone’s camera, using Socratic, towards the equation—whether it’s on a screen or on paper—and click a photograph. The app will not only show you the solution but the steps needed to reach it. The UI has vibrant colour schemes and the app offers problem-solving capabilities for subjects ranging from earth sciences and biology to chemistry and physics. You can even learn new topics: Socratic compiles explainers and information from multiple online sources. The app claims to have subject guides and learning content on over 1,000 higher education and high school topics. Apart from clicking pictures to ask Socratic questions, users can also try voice commands, so it’s a nice, interactive learning app to try.

Google Play Store - 4.5 stars

App Store - 5 stars

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