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Tech buzz: ‘Jingle Bells’ in your gaming consoles

Popular games get a festive makeover

‘Overwatch’ Winter Wonderland.
‘Overwatch’ Winter Wonderland.

The holiday season is here, and everything from homes to malls and establishments has been decorated. Websites are changing their logos to reflect the season. Even video games are decking the digital halls with boughs of holly. Here is how some of the most popular games are celebrating this festive season.

Hitman: Holiday Hoarders

The latest Hitman, a game that lets you plan and execute high- profile assassinations, features a new special mission called Holiday Hoarders. Set in its Paris level, it features two bumbling thieves as its targets. They happen to share the same names and bear likeness to the thieves in the 1990 movie Home Alone. You get to wreak havoc on Harry and Marv, not as a creative child but as a trained hitman.

Overwatch: Winter Wonderland

One of the most popular online competitive shooters, Overwatch nailed Halloween with a fantastic set of costumes. Now the creators, Blizzard Entertainment, aim to do the same for Christmas. As of now, all of Overwatch’s colourful and diverse cast is getting a bunch of new costumes, makeovers and new animations. Just don’t go under that mistletoe with Widowmaker.

‘Gears Of War 4’ Gearsmas.

Destiny: The Dawning

Though it launched in 2014, Destiny remains one of the most popular competitive multiplayer shooting games. This time, from Christmas to New Year, Destiny is holding an in-game event called The Dawning. This includes a new Sparrow Racing league which has you racing on custom hoverbikes called Sparrows. Several of the strikes, missions you undertake with a team, have been revamped with new loot.

Gears Of War 4: Gearsmas

This festive season turns one of the most violent shooters into a snowball fight. Gears Of War 4 includes a new mode that lets you use a new weapon called Snowshot, which lets you lob lethal snowballs at your enemies. Also in the Gearsmas event is “Ugly Sweater" armor for your characters. These are pretty ugly, and come with a bunch of weapon skins, including a gingerbread one.

Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain

The racing simulator Forza Horizon 3 definitely does not have anything warm and yuletide planned this season. It introduces a new area called Blizzard Mountain, which has you racing up a treacherous, icy mountain in extreme weather. While this does not scream Jingle Bells, Blizzard Mountain will challenge your driving skills. Unlike the other games, which have free events for a limited period, this is downloadable content that you pay for or get free as part of the season pass. The good part is, you will have Blizzard Mountain forever—perfect to play in the heart of summer.

These are just a few of the games that celebrate this season. If you are a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game player, then all the popular games online, like World Of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls, have special in-game events and celebrations. So even if you want to spend this season curled up with your favourite game, you can always party and celebrate in-game.

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