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Noise launches its i1 smart glasses in India

Noise Labs' i1 comes with multi-functional touch controls. Could its affordable price tag make smart glasses conventional in the Indian market?

Noise i1 is available at INR 5,999. Consumers can purchase this limited edition device from
Noise i1 is available at INR 5,999. Consumers can purchase this limited edition device from (Noise Labs)

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Could a new pair of smartglasses – the i1 – made by the lifestyle tech brand Noise be just the thing to take smart eyewear mainstream in India?

As a piece of wearable tech, i1 comes with multi-functional touch controls on the sides of the glasses that let you accept and reject calls, make your music louder or activate voice assistance to look something up or read out a message. The glasses do this by using the most recent Bluetooth 5.1 technology, so that your smartphone connects to your glasses right when you open the frames to put them on, even if you don’t unlock your phone. The i1 glasses will connect to your device even when up to 10 metres away from your smartphone. The guided audio design gives you immersive sound quality, cancelling outside noise.

Noise i1 is available at INR 5,999. Consumers can find more details about this limited edition device from

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The i1 comes with interchangeable lenses. According to an official press release, the sunglasses lens offer 99% protection against UVA/B sun rays. If you spend a lot of time staring at a screen, you can switch your lenses for the blue light filtering transparent lenses. The lenses can even be switched out for your prescription lenses. 

The Noise i1, which is made in India, is also resistant to water splashes and dust with an ingress protection of IPX4. It will fit in seamlessly if you have an active or outdoor lifestyle. It’s available in two designs – one with round and another with square frames. The device has magnetic charging and a battery life of 9 hours, the press release adds. Even a quick 15 minute charge will give you 2 hours of battery life, the company claims.

Unlike globally famous smartglasses like the Google Glass, Snapchat’s Spectacles and Ray-Ban Stories, Noise’s i1 doesn’t have a camera to capture photo and video as you walk. However, it could still turn out to be an affordable competitor for Bose’s audio sunglasses.

Amit Khatri, co-founder of Noise explains in the release: “Keeping an eye on the future, we have designed our smart eyewear to give the purest tech experience to anyone looking for the best- in -class audio experience. We’ve packed it with all the essential features, and this is the next step in giving our users a completely seamless connected experience.”

As a company, Noise has been its affordable wireless headphones and smartwatches in the Indian market. The company’s innovation incubator that created the i1 glasses, Noise Labs, has 9 industry-first innovations to their credit.

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