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LG’s smart home artificial intelligence agent can do it all

LG says its AI device is like a 'moving' smart home hub that can control household appliances and verbally interact with users

LG Electronics (LG) is ready to unveil its innovative smart home Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent at CES 2024.
LG Electronics (LG) is ready to unveil its innovative smart home Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent at CES 2024. (LG)

South Korean multinational company LG Electronics is all set to unveil its innovative ‘two-legged’ smart home artificial intelligence (AI) agent at the upcoming CES 2024 technology conference.

The smart home AI agent comes with many robotic, AI and multi-modal technologies that enable it to move, learn, comprehend and engage in complex conversations. According to LG, the device is a ‘moving’ smart home hub that connects with and controls smart home appliances and household IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

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In recent years, the demand for smart homes has seen the rise of many accompanying tech solutions -- from simple things such as smart locks to more complex devices like these smart home assistants. In 2021, for instance, Amazon had unveiled a camera-equipped home robot called Astro, which works with Amazon's digital assistant Alexa and can perform a range of tasks like home monitoring and keeping in touch with family.

LG’s smart home AI agent has an advanced ‘two-legged’ wheel design, which allows it to navigate the home independently. The intelligent device can verbally interact with users and express emotions through movements made possible by its articulated leg joints. The company adds in a statement: “Moreover, the use of multi-modal AI technology, which combines voice and image recognition along with natural language processing, enables the smart home AI agent to understand context and intentions as well as actively communicate with users.”

LG has also collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies to equip the AI agent with the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Platform that enables powerful on-device AI features such as face and user recognition. The AI agent uses a built-in camera, speaker and various sensors to gather real-time environmental data, including temperature, humidity and indoor air quality. “LG’s advanced AI technologies analyze this data, continuously learning and combining it with external information. The AI agent can even act as a pet monitor and security guard, providing users with the ability to see and care for their pets remotely and sending alerts if any unusual activity is detected," the company adds in its statement.

The smart home AI agent is also quite versatile. It can autonomously patrol the home when no one is around, moving from one room to another and sending notifications to a user’s smartphone if it finds an open window or any lights left on. “Additionally, it can help conserve energy by connecting with a smart outlet and turning off unused devices throughout the house,” LG explains in its statement.

Like a smart home companion, the AI agent greets a user at the front door when they return home, discerns their emotions by analyzing their voice and facial expressions, and selects music or other content to suit their mood. “It also assists users in their daily lives by providing transportation details, weather updates, personal schedules or reminders to take medications," the company explains.

LG says the ultimate goal with the smart home AI agent and its active hub features is “to liberate users from the burden of housework.”

The CES 2024 technology show will be held in Las Vegas from January 9-12.

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