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Google News just rolled out a redesigned ‘following’ feed

Google News' redesigned ‘Following’ tab enables users to create customisable feeds with specific topics

Google News' redesigned Following tab enables users to get create customisable feeds.
Google News' redesigned Following tab enables users to get create customisable feeds. (REUTERS)

Google News' ‘Following’ tab is getting a fresh look with customisable feed displays to enable users to get stories about specific topics such as sports teams or space exploration, among other topics. The update was announced back in June to improve the local news experience and provide the latest updates from sources and topics users follow.

For a long time, Google News enabled users to follow a myriad of topics such as World, Technology and Health as well as different publications and locations. These interests will be now used to create the ‘For You’ feed, according to a report in 9to5Google.

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Before the latest update, the Following tab showed everything a user followed. Now, the news feed has cards, arranged according to topics sources and locations. Each card has three top headlines. Users can follow or unfollow an interest, like or unlike a specific topic or hide stories from a publication, according to Google. While the topics can easily be customized from the Library section, the cards are organized by Google’s algorithms and cannot be customised, according to a ZDNet report.

There's lots happening in this space of late. A competitor of Google News, the Samsung News app was launched in April. It gives users access to daily news from different publications. The app includes custom news feeds, along with morning and evening briefings about the top news of the day. It also has a Following tab that users can customise with their preferences based on their interests, according to a TechCrunch report. The app also includes daily briefings that are delivered once in the morning and once in the evening. According to Samsung, the top headlines for the briefings are compiled by the news editor. Users can also listen to podcasts within the app.

Google News’ Following page has a number of cards at the top, each representing an area of interest. When it opens, articles related to the topic, including the headline, source, image and details, appear. The feed looks very similar to how Chrome's feed looks when you open up a new tab, according to the ZDNet report.

The redesigned version of Google News is available for Android devices now and is expected to roll out for iOS devices later this year.

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