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Alphabet ranks highest in customer loyalty, ahead of Intel, Apple: Report

A new report reveals that despite being in the news for layoffs, Google's parent company Alphabet is leading the pack when it comes to customer loyalty

Alphabet, Google's parent company, has scored the highest in customer loyalty, a new report reveals.
Alphabet, Google's parent company, has scored the highest in customer loyalty, a new report reveals. (AP)

The global economy is finding new ways to bounce back from the recent slump, especially because of the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. One of the main focuses of tech giants to retain top positions has been customer loyalty. 

Earlier this week a new customer loyal index report highlighted which companies have been successful in retaining their consumers and building a close-knit ecosystem.

The US-based B2B marketplace DesignRush created the Customer Loyalty Index, which looked at the biggest tech companies among the Fortune 100. “Out of the Fortune 100, the companies with the highest valuations, revenues, and profits tended to score higher on the Customer Loyalty Index, indicating a correlation between loyalty, profit, and long-term success,” Gianluca Ferruggia, general manager at DesignRush, said in a press statement by the company.

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Despite being in the news for many layoffs, the report shows that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is leading the list with a social media score of 78 and an overall score of 72 out of 100. Its average customer review was 3.1 stars at the time of collating the report, the most positive of all tech companies, the statement adds. According to YouGov, Google’s 73% popularity rating is the highest.

Intel, with a strong customer service score of 72 and an overall score of 62, is ranked second. Tim Cook-led Apple, which recently unveiled the new iPhone 15 series, ranked third, also has an overall score of 62 but has the top scores for finances (80) and social media (84). Furthermore, Intel customers have some of the lowest customer service and complaint-related search volumes, indicating that support channels are provided or unnecessary, the press statement explains.

Apple has the highest social media engagement of 0.3% and the most YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram followers. Its YouGov popularity rating ranks fifth. Interestingly, Apple scored lowest for customer service, with over 1.2 million monthly searches for customer service and support.

Microsoft is fourth with a score of 56.8. It has the second-best financial score and is ranked third for social media and popularity. Microsoft customers also indicated subpar customer service ratings, with almost 300,000 monthly support-related and the third-highest complaint searches, the press statement says.

The fifth rank is held by IBM, with a 53.7 loyalty score. Although IBM has a relatively low social media following, 4.5 million, its engagement rate of 0.28% was second-highest next to Apple, the statement highlighted. According to the YouGov score, IBM also ranks seventh for popularity and company finances, with lower revenue, profit, and valuation than competitors.

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, ranks sixth with a score of 52. It received the highest number of customer reviews, and has the highest social media follower count, over 95 million, mostly on Facebook, with an average 0.15% engagement rate, the statement adds. Notably, Meta has one of the lowest popularity ratings at 54%.

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