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Gmail gets a new look: Everything you need to know

Gmail recently finished 18 years. To mark the occasion, Google has rolled out a new set of features and updates for the popular mailing app

A worker walks along a path at Google's Bay View campus in Mountain View, California on June 27, 2022. (AFP)

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As Gmail marks 18 years in service, it seems serendipitous that Google has rolled out a new set of features and updates for the popular mailing app. The company launched a teaser back for an integrated Gmail view in February and made optimal changes based on the suggestions it received from users. Over the next few weeks, Google will release its new user interface for Gmail. The new design pulls Google services, including Meet, Chat and Space, and integrates it into a single experience with elements from Google's Material Design 3.

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With the restrictions of the pandemic and work-from-home demands, many users found themselves shuffling between mails, calls and chats. To meet this user interest, Gmail will now incorporate an integrated look with Meet, Chat and Space easily accessible together at the sidebar. Neena Kamath, product manager at Google, calls it “a single, unified view” in a recent blog post.

Users can start adopting the new interface by enabling the new configuration option in quick settings.

Along with the previous elements such as the tabbed inbox and AI-based inputs such as the ‘smart reply’ and ‘smart compose’, Google has also introduced a new set of innovative features in Gmail to enhance productivity and overall user experience. These include improved search chips to find specific emails and improved search results that answer immediate queries. Later this year, Kamath writes in the post, Google will deliver an improved experience for tablet users, better emojis and new accessibility features, among other things.

“Label lovers will see separate sections for system labels (like Starred, Snoozed and Important) and custom labels you make yourself. And people who love to chat will see conversation bubbles with snippets of incoming messages, along with options to quick reply instead of opening the full message,” Kamath adds in the blog.

For users who do not want to switch to this new interface immediately, Gmail leaves the option to maintain the default look. The interface will beavailable in the coming weeks. For those who wish to enable it in their inboxes, the process is quite simple: Click ‘Settings’ at the top right and then search for ‘Quick Settings’ and preview and thereby enable the new look. This will open a new window and then reload.

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