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Cricket video games to keep the IPL spirit alive

From real-time multiplayer action to women's cricket, here's a look at three mobile games that will offer you plenty of cricketing entertainment

WCC3 is the newly released sequel to World Cricket Championship 2.
WCC3 is the newly released sequel to World Cricket Championship 2.

After 60 matches, another exciting season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is over, with the Mumbai Indians successfully defending its 2019 title. In doing so, the team has become the most successful side in the Twenty20 tournament’s history. The next big bit of cricketing action starts later this month when India’s tour of Australia begins on 27 November with the first ODI in Sydney. However, this two-week gap doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in more cricket from home, on your smartphone screens.

Just like the fantasy cricket games that kept you busy during the IPL season, there are some cricket video games that are equally fun. Here’s a look at some interesting cricket games that won’t let you miss live cricketing action.

Cricket Captain 2020: Football lovers go absolutely crazy for football management simulation games. So, what’s stopping cricket fans from doing the same? Cricket Captain 2020 is the latest edition of the hugely popular cricket management simulation game series. The new game comes with an improved match engine, which includes updates to bowler AI. A better weather simulation system means you can expect more realistic weather patterns for all match types. The game also comes with updates to all domestic systems and 20-over leagues across the world. Now you will be able to play updated domestic leagues in South Africa, India, England, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and New Zealand.

Available on Android and iOS

World Cricket Championship (WCC) 3: The newly released sequel to World Cricket Championship 2, WCC3 is part of one of the most popular cricket game franchises. This latest edition comes with a massive new addition: women’s cricket. The game promises some exciting gameplay with brand new motion-captured batting, bowling and fielding actions. The look and feel of stadiums and pitches have also been updated. Apart from a comprehensive career mode—which lets you participate in hundreds of cricket tournaments around the world—WCC3 also features commentary from former Australian batsman Matthew Hayden and former India player Aakash Chopra.

Available on Android and iOS

Stick Cricket Live 2020: This 3D multiplayer game promises you no-frills cricket entertainment. You are pinned against another online player in real-time. Along the way, a player can unlock different stadiums from around the world and even kit bags, which let you pick new bats and bolster your bowling lineup. The goal is simple: outscore your opponent in a 1 versus 1 match.

Available on Android and iOS

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